Frequently Asked Question

How much rainfall can Leaf Sentry handle?

We have tested the panels with at least 12” of rain in an hour. We stop there because, in reality, anything beyond several inches of rain in an hour would be truly catastrophic. Be wary of competitors that claim to handle ridiculous amounts of rainfall. Some will try to use huge numbers to lure you to focus on a product that may have serious deficiencies.

What is the warranty?

The manufacturer offers a full lifetime warranty that guarantees that your gutters will never clog again. In the rare event that they do clog, we’ll pay to have someone clean them for free.

Can I install Leaf Sentry myself?

The only way we are able to honor our no clog guarantee is to have professionals handle all of the installation work.

Will the installation change the appearance of my home?

The Leaf Sentry design is low profile. This design, together with the 16 matching color options, is designed to enhance the look of your home, blend in with your roofline, and hide unsightly metal flashing.

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